Above ground wastewater treatment plant, North of Stockholm, Sweden

Chief’s Camp Staff Village: Containerized Wastewater Treatment Solition, Botswana, Africa

Septic tank replacement with a BIOROCK onsite wastewater treatment plant, Estonia

BIOROCK septic system serving an eco-friendly family house in Estonia

BIOROCK-S + 2000L Primary Tank +Pumping to a drainage field.

Domestic 6PE installation with existing soakaway

BIOROCK-S installation in woodlands for a holiday home in Surrey, England

New build 5 bedroom house with BIOROCK-L system in Stockport

3 x BIOROCK-F installed at a nature reserve visitor facilities in Somerset

BIOROCK-S System with gravity discharge to a drainage field in Cork, Ireland

3 bedroom new build with a BIOROCK-S gravity discharge system in North Wales

Wastewater Treatment installation for an off-mains restaurant in rural area